How To Eat During Your Best Cutting Cycle For Assured Success

Implementing your best cutting cycle is never really about finding the best cutting stack. All cutting steroids work differently and every bodybuilder can respond to these supplements in an entirely unique way. What truly determines your outcome with these products is how you structure and time your cycle, and the foods that you eat. After all, the ultimate goal of these efforts isn’t just to cut fat. It’s also to retain as much of your lean muscle mass as you possibly can.

What To Cut

Among some of the first foods to cut are refined carbs. This is extremely important to do if you haven’t already. These are all classified as empty calories meaning that they do little to support either your energy requirements or your existing muscles. These are the foods that people are encouraged to load up on when bulking is their main priority. They are also some of the easiest and most convenient foods to access and consume. Don’t make the mistake of getting too hungry to actually prepare a meal. This will land you right in the drive-thru window or in the snack aisle. Instead, always carry protein bars, a protein shake, or a small bag of almonds whenever you travel away from the home and away from your healthy food stores.

What To Load Up On

Did you know that dark, leafy greens have an impressive amount of protein in them? Best of all, food choices like these have limited calories and absolutely zero fat. As such, they’re perfect for feeding your muscles while encouraging your waistline to shrink. You can pair these with lean cuts of meat or a few choice pieces of fatty fish. Despite being termed fatty fish, selections like salmon, tuna and mackerel are great for cutting given that they support heart health, supply ample amounts of protein, and aid the body in lubricating the joints.

Choosing The Right Complex Carbs

Make brown rice a staple in your diet. This takes a lot of effort to break down and thus, it will give you the allusion of being full far longer than will white rice or any other white-colored carb. You should also add sweat potatoes and steel cut oatmeal to your diet. The majority of your meals, however, should always be largely comprised of protein, whether this is an egg-white and spinach omelet for breakfast, or a chicken and chard salad for lunch.